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Amidst the luxuriant hills covered in the rich green mantle of wonderful  vineyard plants covering almost all of the fields, Cantina Giacco originated, not by chance following the old tradition that the Dukes of Salaparuta started in 1824 by creating an excellent wine. The rich production of these vintage grapes didn’t find an easy way to the  market until 1977, when to Stillone Nunzio's will, the wine coperative was born. It was able to vinificate high quality grapes and handle the marketing too. In the 1977 the first vinification happened, in Contrada Giacco, Stillone Nunzio's property, and from whom the cellar was named after.

In the early 80s Cantina Giacco moved and settled into the centre of Salaparuta, which had been destroyed by an earthquake in 1968, and more exactly in Contrada Cappuccini, where once stood Villa Amalia, partly still visible in the premises of the Cellar, where stand a stone sculpture too.

The Legend... About Villa Amalia the heroic deeds of a warrior in love with the beauty of Belice's Valley territory were told. The Warrior spent his life in the tiny Belice’s field, then, in the late years of his life, aknowleged that the only way to remain eternal was being pictured in a stone to monitor the territory’s beauty. His portrait is carved in a stone that nowdays is in the cellar. With its perfect conservation, the Warrior, named Neklite, lives.


In time Cantina Giacco has been adjusting to the requests of the market, satisfying the requests of the end-consumer, improving year in year out, being equipped with installations and devices always in the van. After a stage in which loose production was dealt with, in the early 90s the bottling of self-produced wine started with the brand:

Vigna del Principe, named after the namesake district where the first grapes for the bottling where cultivated;

Villa Amalia, in memory of the ancient house where today the cellar stands;

Neklite, the last label in our warrior’s onour.

Nowadays the Cantina has associates whose facilities are located in Salaparuta, Poggioreale, Gibellina, Contessa Entellina and Santa Margherita Belice.

Giacco's Labs
Giacco's Labs

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